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commencement 2016 2BI Publisher Documentation/Samples:  There are a number of new documents and additional material relating to BI Publisher in the Blog beginning with the BI Publisher/ XMLP page.   On the succeeding pages you’ll find demonstrations to get you started working with BI Publisher Template.  (Pages are being added to periodically, and information in some areas may not yet be completed.)



To do a lookup of links to documents on this – or any functional Campus Solutions topic – go to the LIST OF LINKS page, and do a search (CTRL-F) for the key word(s).

BIP Template Add Ins circled


  • Reminder about HEUG You will need a login on the HEUG home page in order to preview and/or download webinars and other fiels.
    • As an employee of Wesleyan, which is a HEUG Institutional member, you can access the materials on the HEUG website.  To request a login for the website, from the HEUG home page, click on Request Login in the upper right-hand corner and follow the instructions.  Once you get to the presentation page, you can download the files appearing there.
    • Click here to see links on some HEUG features.  You can take a guided tour of the website,  look at and post to HEUG forums, or review the file libraries

tour groupsThere is a new page in the SFIS Blog under DOCUMENTATION.  It is named Lists of Links, and in it are gathered links found throughout the SFIS Blog which should make it easier to peruse the available documentation.  In addition to links connecting you to pages with Oracle/PeopleSoft documents, there is an extensive table of links to instructional documentation for working with PeopleSoft.   Besides being able to connect to the documents themselves, you can also go to the pages that provide more information on a given topic.


When building your BI Publisher report template, you can preview the report in Microsoft Word and finalize it before you upload it to a Report Definition in the online system.

In BI Publisher Template in Word, instead of  relying on previews that only display sample data, you can display the actual data that will appear in the final result.  This can be done if you are creating a query-based report by downloading the query to XML.  Then you load that XML file into your Word template (Load XML Data).

For details, read the following article:   FAQs about Using Real Data When Designing and Previewing Your BI Publisher Word Template 



Examples of the two formats are shown below (from a HEUG presentation XML Publisher – Beyond the Basics). 



io consulting pic1








io consulting pic2








BI Publisher Data Source:  You do not need to create the BI Publisher Data Source until you want to test the report online with PeopleSoft.

Alternate XML:  Another way to preview real data, this time when creating the Report Definition Template page, is to check the box named Use Alt. XML (Alternate XML) and select any available XML File for your preview.  A dialog box will open allowing you to browse for and upload any XML File, including the file that will display the real data.

report definition template Use Alt XML

2014 springThere is a new page in the blog related to BI Publisher, specifically concerning templates.  In addition to the BI Publisher/XMLP page, the documentation on the PROCEDURES ~ General page and the related information on the COMM GEN page, this is a page that focuses on the creation, design and benefits of reporting templates.

On the NEW BIP Templates page you will find a brief introduction to the basics of templates.  In addition to Oracle documents and HEUG Links, there is a Sample Templates section that demonstrates the parts involved in building a template, using the BI Publisher and MS Word tools as they apply.  Each demonstration concludes with a sample of the output to give you an idea of how the results might appear.   For example, in the document Using Tables for repeating data, you can see three examples of output – Simple, Single Header and Row Striping:


bip table repeat data 1  bip table repeat data 2


bip table repeat data 3

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